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Current known locations:
Korask – Named after the family of knights who defnded the land for a long time, King Korask is benevolent and fair. His lands stretch as far as the eye can see and then some. His family has built several towers across the lands to help secure borders and peace. These towers have magical properties which allow Korask to see the borders.

There are 7 oceans on Adberrain: Lightensea (west of telain, named for the crater being made back when people were primiative on telain), Bridgedia (between telain and Fedarin, where the island of ooranor is), Equeenas (Northern Fedarin), Baarookus (Southern Fedarin), Pliatee (between fedarin and Gendak), Deepingshire (east of Gendak), and Dolbendrum (remainder).

Seas – two known
The Boiling Sea (in the Deepingshire ocean) – named for the boiling like water that ships cannot pass through.
The Mirrored Sea (in the Lightensea ocean) – named for the lack of currents

Current information about events in the world:
There is a sea of undead marching across the lands of Korask. The king has no idea why it is happening, but the sage council and many other people in the know of magic say it is impossible to control that many dead alone.

The Red Hand Orc Clan has revealed itself to be a very large organization working for Fengrin, a legendary blue dragon. They have requested several items that fall in line with ressurection rituals and possesion rituals. So no one in Korask understands what they could be used for. A group of Player Characters has been given the items and is tasked with invesitgating their intent.

Main Page

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