Hello Adventurers!

This is the World of Adberrain. Created back in the early 2000’s, this setting was designed to give me total control over the environment. I decided to make a formal setting and built it from the ground up using various DnD 3.5 sourcebooks.

Some technical data about the setting…
Adberrain is a finite prime material plane. It has the shape of a large planet. It is suspended in the shadow/astral plane where several other finite planes reside. The Fire plane is the sun of this setting. It is known as Cadris. There are several moons orbiting between Adberrain and Cadris. Adberrain also orbits Cadris as well.

Very close to Cadris are two small finite planes of positive and negative energy. They essentially cleave the universe into a positive half and a negative half. The calendar on Adberrain reflects this in its description and lore.

The moons consist of:
Shn’ear – a finite water plane
Kentulas – a finite earth plane
Oorna – a finite air plane

Beyond the singular system, there lies the various astral planes. They make up the various stars seen in the night sky. In the positive half, you have many celestial courts and kingdoms. In the negative half you have the perpetual war between the demons and devils.

There is one deity for Adberrain; Almun. For all of recorded history, Almun has been everpresent. However, there have been times when copmmunication with Almun has been spotty. It had seemed when subjects needed Almun the most, Almun would not answer.

The world has gone through 2 ‘ages’ where significant disaster has befallen the planet. At least, recorded history only shows two in the past. Currently the time in the setting is in the 500th year (thereabouts) of the 3rd Age.

Note from Seikojin:
I have had several groups of players go through various sections of time in the third age to give it some depth and activity. The last calendar date was actually Year 607 of Age 3. I have been starting people back about 50-60 years before the 607 date so they can be a part of the historic, world changing events other players caused.

The calendar is as follows:
800 days per year, broken into two halves; 400 days for positive, 400 for negative. Each of those is broken into 1/4ths, labelled The Approach, The Bend, The Decent, and the Rebirth.
Days are 30 hours long.

When the various moons are in certain phases, they will have an effect on the prime material plane. No one historically knows why this happens, but typically, it is of historic importance. Currently there is a pinkish haze covering the sky at all times.